Welcome to thechipfactorylab, a space where I hope to feel free to not worry about being as official with my words, and share a little of what’s going on in my head from time to time. It will hopefully be as much a resource to myself as a use to anyone out there, somewhere I can copy across my scribbled notes that cover so many sheets in random piles in my life.

I intend to write on subjects relating to HCI or Human Computer Interaction, including web and other aspects thereof, some robotics, general computing, aspects of maths and futurism, pre and post singular, maybe a bit of design, science, books I like, food I’ve cooked etc.

The main aim of the lab, is to get down some outlines of possible projects and maybe get some motivation to take them to the next level.

As a little disclaimer, I’m not a professional or real researcher in any or all of these fields, I take an interest like anybody else. This will hopefully fill up with opinions and ideas, and I’m sure some will be wrong and may not fit with your own beliefs, but many inventors and innovators are far from professionals in their field, until they become so by changing the field itself. I don’t intend to be arrogant and overall I would say I have a want to learn kind of attitude, I know that the information out there is far greater than I could master in my own short lifetime (unless the singularity shows up and I live forever, but that’s a feedback loop of information that we may get to one day)

I’ll take this time to comment that I’m not out to offend anyone and if I do it is purely unintentional.

Also, the template is temporary, it may be shifted over to the proper one sooner or later, although this yellow and black is growing on me.. D&AD style!


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