Ok, so setting up websites from time to time, and email addresses for clients I need to create them passwords more often than I like to think up stupid phrases for them to type in. One site that I like to use for this is grc.com’s password generator

It’s in an iframe right below, if you feel happier about going there directly the link above will take you there in a new window. I don’t have any weird code to track you and your passwords so don’t worry.

GRC is the Gibson Research Corporation, run by Steve Gibson, the guy that wrote SpinRite and ShieldsUP (which I can’t say I’ve used since I’m on a mac and I think they’re windowsy programs).

Steve has an interesting show Security Now on the TWiT network with Leo Laporte, so go check that out!

open grc.com’s password generator in a new window

you can also refresh this page to get a new set of randomly generated passwords (I should look at how to reload just the iframe but this will do for now, another one to add to the todo list)

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