I received a pretty convincing spam/phishing email pretending to be from Apple last night that certainly caught my attention. It was offering 80% discounts on the “new” Adobe Creative Suite, CS5, with Photoshop CS5 Extended at $109.90.

What I guess made it more convincing at first was that since the recent launch of the mac app store, there has been a few severely discounted bits of software. Like Apple’s Aperture went from £169 to £44.99. The desktop ecosystem has been shaken and I think that’s left people wondering if Adobe will get in on the actions, or even if Apple would let them. Chances are they won’t just now, even at full price, since they’d have to give 30% to Apple for the privilege. I’m not sure what the markup is for computer stores that carry the boxed software, whether they buy the licence and actually invest in stock, or if they just carry the physical packaging and are charged as they sell it, kind of a hybrid of virtual and physical retail.

Anyone with answers to that please comment.

Virgin Megastores and Zavvi had a similar in house shop within a shop, who’s model as I understood it was that they wouldn’t hold stock of PC software items, instead they would do the equivalent of ‘print on demand’, burning the discs for you there and then. Perhaps that made sense, like an online purchase that you don’t have to wait to download if you have a slow connection, and you have a face to take it back to should you be unhappy with your purchase, and of course, better than Amazon, you get the physical product to take away with you.. all without them having to hold physical stock of the essentially digital product.

As it goes for the App store, large pro apps don’t appear to be there, at the moment at least. Certain products are in competition with Apple’s offerings.. Creative Suite Production Bundle is an alternative to Final Cut Studio, just as Lightroom is an alternative to Aperture. They don’t stock these in the retail stores either..
That and the sheer size of the downloads. Final Cut Studio is maybe 6DVDs, some 22+GB if I remember correctly, and although Photoshop only weighs in at around 1.4GB, that’s not something that they want a bunch of people to be downloading all at once.

Sadly peer to peer got a bad rap through piracy, since the technology is actually a very efficient means of distribution while saving network bandwidth. I almost wonder if in the upcoming horrendously multicore processors, like the 1000 core experimental ones we’re hearing about, if a peer to peer type connection between the processors is some way of solving the problem of interconnection.

I often thought that the biological brain works so well partly because of smart interconnections, where each neuron is a very basic programmable computer in it’s own right. That way it can adjust its connections based on a chemical program, where hormones act as a transport layer, sending large areas messages all at once, (think disable less critical multitasking and increase focus in a fight or flight adrenalin situation). Instead of a wire being a dumb connection, the ability to decide the best agent to take care of a task would, in my mind at least give the overall structure emergent intelligence. Couple that with the fact that all areas of the brain need to be stream based processing, since I can’t see there being complex packet routing and wait cases biologically. All areas must be able to access and overflow depending on the situation. Digital computers run on a virtual knife edge, a single bit out here or there is enough to trip up any software, we’ve just got smarter processes for dealing with that.

Anyway, I’m certainly getting far off topic here. I can’t say that I’m the research guy so I don’t know what they’ll do, but that seems like p2p is a step in the right direction to getting skynet online. Sadly the media decided that killing pirates was more important than the technological advance and so to me at least, P2P has a little bit of a dirty feeling. I guess I’ll sleep better knowing that I didn’t play such a part in the apocalypse just yet.

If this post is anything to go by, my brain is a river, there’s a one way train of thought that doesn’t really tie back on itself in the end .. what a terrible article. It’s like 5 ideas that all need to be fleshed out separately!

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