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Just a little plug for a company I have nothing to do with but must thank for their amazing service. I’m not a paying subscriber to them at the moment but have recommended them to many clients after finding them great for the email marketing stuff that they specialise in.

Today’s main tips are, go and download the templates for HTML emails from their site, it’s a great starting place for doing your own HTML emails, I know it saved me a fair headache when I had to redo a template last week. I’m also loving the fact that they have a testing service that lets you see what your newsletters will look like in a whole bunch of different email clients.. it’s going to feature heavily in my workflow in future.

also I can’t go without pointing you to their awesome resources section.. it has a ton of amazingly useful information all for free. You can findresearch based on over half a billion emails that they sent, so you can see how your campaigns hold up compared to others in your sector, of course the templates mentioned above, in a github repository so you know there’s a process to keep an eye on them and submit bugs etc.

I think that’s about it for the plugs.. I’m loving the PDF guides too, I know that email marketing isn’t my speciality so maybe some of the things I’ve learned are obvious to many people, but I’m sure there’s plenty in there for all of us to learn from..

Happy learning!


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