So after going to the London Facebook Developer Garage tonight, I was happily surprised that it was more useful than the month before. I don’t really know the atmosphere there fully yet, but it’s good to be a regular for a bit, become a familiar face and part of the community. I somehow got speaking to some people who seemed to be in nice positions, and had a slightly surreal feeling when I felt that half of the people were there to learn and the other half there to recruit!

Still I’ll get my head around it somehow.. Tomorrow.. or today depending on how you look at it, is the Firefox 4 launch party in Kings Cross.. this event like many others I’ve been to recently doesn’t have a particular protocol that I know of. It’s a constant surprise to go to these things and just wander about not being able to fathom the intermissions, the vaguely awkward networking time that more and more seems to be the way of the world.

I’ve also taken to live tweeting with tweetdeck for these conferences, which is actually more to talk to the people in the room than anything else. Tonight @FDGL it turned out that I had already had a conversation over twitter with the guy behind me.. he said “are you chippieTV?!?.. you sent me a message about the clock!” which was an instant icebreaker. More and more I’m seeing this kind of thing where I actually feel much more connected to someone I’m online with than anyone in a room full of strangers. Laptops and digital devices rule, I’m just a victim of social media losing my social skills..

If I was going to sum up a few things of the last couple of days aside from this, I decided to get a tumblr, so you’ll (not sure who I’m talking to here) see a sidebar with a feed of that. I will probably one day integrate that better, I’d rather it seamlessly pulled them in and put them chronologically in with the main posts, I’ll have to figure that out later. The nice thing is, the iPhone app for tumblr is nice and easy to use, the wordpress is less so. There’s too much control with wordpress, if you just want to drop a bit of text or an image then tumblr is good for that, or so it seems so far. Anything more complicated and you seem to be holding a lemon looking confused like.. “is this an ebay listing for a mint green ford focus or am I in need of caffeine?!”

Apart from the ease of use (and the fact that I’m testing it out with the idea that I’ll pass a client the knowledge) the community seems to be what blogger wasn’t, or not to me anyway. By having the likes and social sharing, mixed with the fact that it’s so easy to use practically anyone can figure it out, you end up with different unheard voices. Blogging isn’t exactly difficult but it’s not exactly simple either. Ever try to lay out a page as if it’s a magazine, fiddling around with image sizes and alignment, fighting with the interface.. well then you’ll know it’s not just one step up from pen and paper.. A close friend of mine is working as editor for a blog called satellite voices, part of Dazed & Confused (that information is correct if I remember right, if not, don’t get angry at him. .or me!) He’s currently posting 16-20 wordpress articles per day mainly focusing on getting the look and feel right to make consistent the content provided to him by the many writers, this will be fixed but we were discussing that the ease of tumblr certainly makes it interesting as a way for quick information, put longer articles in properly and create a precedence for quick news. We’re not the first to come to this conclusion, in fact it’s been suggested to me before, but it just seems that much more relevant to me right now.



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