Just a short one, but it seems that since Lion came out, the one key difference is literally, the key to everything is ALT. I’m constantly finding little things that change and switch when you hit the ALT key on menus and key presses. One example would be, instead of APPLE+I to get info on a file, you can “SHOW INSPECTOR” which actually gives you a get info that changes when you click on different files, rather than opening on a per file basis. This might be normal but it seems people are struggling to find all of these features. There’s plenty of upset people who can’t find the user library for example, but again, it’s not far away. ALT in the GO menu gives you that option.

I must admit that after installing Lion I found the finder to be a bit annoying and have been trying out alternatives. I’m currently on TotalFinder, which has some nice things like tabs and 2-up displays, but this seems to all go wrong when APPLE+TAB over from a full screen app to another. Probably because I have it set to ‘visor mode’ where it lives hidden like the dock, so as the screen animates sideways to the next virtual desktop, so does the finder pop up. It would be better if it could live over the fullscreen app but never mind..

I think everyone has covered Mission Control being a bit of a pain, I can’t say it’s improved productivity at all, although I’m quite liking the gestures to initiate it.. maybe it’ll take some getting used to to feel as good as exposé. Shame its a complete mess on a dual screen setup. That seems to be another big general complaint. It’s like multi monitor support wasn’t considered at all.. I have 2 large screens and I’m pretty much stuck with the option of fullscreen or 2 screens. It wouldn’t be such a problem if the point was to maximise screen space for tiny screens, because there I’m sure it’s the perfect solution, but when you’re rocking a 27″ & 30″ together it just seems broken. On the upside, I don’t miss the extra few pixels that full screen buys me so can just have things stretched to the screen size. Seems like a bit of a waste of something that should be really cool. What really seems broken is that you can arrange things on one screen but have no interaction with those on another. I sometimes turn off the 30″ and use the 27″ iMac as the main display. Previously I could exposé out and see all of the open windows on BOTH displays on the primary, which basically gave me a second monitor to hide stuff that I wasn’t using right then. Now there doesn’t seem to be a way to drag windows between the two displays. You have a display that goes blank when you’ve got a full screen app, but you can exposé/mission control out of it to get programs open on the second display like before. No help putting a window aside to the second screen and grabbing it when you want.

Also if you try to take a window from screen one and put it either on screen 2 or into a virtual desktop on screen 2, it just bounces back to it’s original place. Does not work..

I do need to get a touchpad now though, I’m finding the mouse wholly inadequate. Moving from laptop to desktop, it’s the laptop experience that I’m enjoying most.

I’ll keep at it and hopefully they’ll iron out some of the issues. The most frustrating is that what’s there seems great but it doesn’t work as it should yet, and the old functionality that its meant to improve upon is gone.

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