I didn’t post for an age, and it’s a lame topic to start up on, but I’m in Japan now, enjoying sitting at my laptop not having a holiday.. how long can it go on, my todo list doesn’t ever seem to shrink, just when you think it’s done along comes an angry email from London to remind you life’s no picnic. Isn’t the internet wonderful!

So anyway, I seem to carry a bunch of camera things and have a natural selection for which one to use in which situation. I’m really taken by instagram’s ‘earlybird’ filter, and it’s magic ability to turn bad photos good, I’m also surprised at my love of ruining perfectly good photos with filters at the source and having no turning back option. The other thing that strikes me about instagram is the lag, I’m currently using it offline as a way to my earlybird, but it’s slow as hell.. not much of an earlybird.. I can take a picture every 30 seconds or so at best. So what am I missing?. .well probably a lot of very cool shots more than anything!

I’m carrying my Panasonic GF1 most of the sightseeing time, but it’s not my pocket everyday camera, I do some tasty food snaps from the iPhone, but again I always tend to butcher the colours on purpose with the earlybird filter.. even the Sakura! It’s white/pinkish colour is the whole point of the season and I have vintaged the nature right out of it! (still the photos look nice to me)

I’m also loving the 360 pano app, for interesting places where a single shot doesn’t cut it. I’ve got Tokyo skylines, mountain vistas and even the odd truck stop toilet cubicle (seriously you would think you’re in a fancy hotel at some of these places.. you could eat off the robot washlet seat!)

That about covers it, maybe one of these days I’ll find the spare money to get a better lens for the GF1. Much as the stock lens is actually pretty good, it’s just a bit dull, I want some manual glass hanging off the front of it dayo!


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