So I’ve been working hard on my new company,, we’re about 9 months in at this point, I have built the back-end, front-end and have a roadmap in mind for the next set of improvements and future features, but for now we focus on our launch. There is an iPad app that updates in realtime using node.js and websockets, and a web side for selecting and managing events, getting passes etc. I just wanted to put up a simple post to check out the new wordpress/facebook integration, perhaps it’s going to make me write more, there’s definitely things to write about!

I was really thinking that it may work well to do a dev blog of some sort, outlining some of the technical details of the project, since I sometimes find that just voicing my thoughts, even to myself, is a good form of meditation to find solutions I haven’t thought of yet, like going for a walk or taking a shower. . also to share some of the things that I hadn’t come across until I worked on this on the off chance that it’s actually helpful to someone, if not my future self..

Until next time, which probably won’t be so far away..


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