So it seems that I didn’t post for so long that I have about 3 posts between Lion and my issues with that and Mountain Lion.. well that’s weird, time flies. So I must say that I’ve either calmed down a lot or become an apologist. I’m tired of hearing people moaning about things being too expensive when they cost 69p .. that someone’s ripping them off.. that they want a refund HRMPH! .. well I don’t know what your time is worth but for me, 69p would buy less than 2 minutes in the grand scheme of the dayrate.. so in turn, what could YOU build on iOS in 90 seconds?

Well I expected as much..

So briefly on to Mountain Lion, sure there’s no real reason to push so much fanfare around this incremental release, but it seems to have caused quite a few bent out of shape people. The AirPlay debacle where your machine needs special encoding hardware on the CPU, something that only the latest SandyBridge CPUs have (if I’m reading right) and so all of the complainers saying that Apple is forcing a perfectly good machine to be updated if it’s pre SandyBridge, well yes and no. I don’t have a shiny new machine (yet) and so I can’t use AirPlay.. and I very nearly did buy an AppleTV so I would’ve been equally peeved as some of the reviewers I saw, however the apple return policy pretty much makes it about as much hassle as walking into an apple store and saying ‘whassup’ . which depending on your geographics may or may not be trivial. I’m sure I sound like an apple apologist at this point, I guess I just wasn’t that bothered, I mean if I wanted to watch something on a big screen I’d use my iMac.. 27″ vs my 32″ tv.. to be honest it’s no major thing, and I didn’t watch TV for years anyway, but I’m weird like that.

So what gets me, is that on the other side of this – should the newest technology should be held back so last week’s tech is compatible. Doesn’t Android have this very same problem? With every new release certain phones get sidelined with no upgrade path (or is that because I don’t own a new android so I don’t know?) or take the Nokia Lumina 900 or whatever it’s called.. wasn’t that sort of EOL’d recently when they said Windows Phone 8 Phone Edition Phone Phone wouldn’t be an option, but you could get 7.5 which would be essentially the same visually.. then why upgrade at all!?

We’ve been moving into a subscription model for software, Adobe’s done it with Creative Cloud, web services are getting there and that’s speeding up with HTML5 since it’s reasonably well supported in the latest modern browsers. You’re going to have millions of random monthly payments that you can’t keep track of easily, although again technology should step in to solve that, but my MAIN point on this topic was that we’re becoming so quickly tired of things being ‘out of date’ when they have more than enough life left in them.. it’s actually designed into the product, something Apple is regularly bashed about, although my first ever Apple machine, a 12″ powerbook is actually still working fine all of 9 years later. Sure I don’t really use it much but it was looking like a possible backup machine since most of what I do is web and code things these days.. hell Photoshop ran just fine on it when I bought it, I might have to stick to a few versions back but apart from a ‘few incremental features’ I can still do the same layers and stuff that I do today.. speaking of incremental features, wasn’t I here to talk about Mountain Lion.. hmm apparently.


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