Welcome back from a long-ish haitus. I have lots of new stuff going on these days, since I last talked to myself publicly, so I guess one thing of significant note is that I now am the proud carrier of a Japanese visa!

I have my first real in Japan client, and of course one of my latest additions to the family.. no, not a baby, a Tsutaya video rental card… yes I know, it’s almost as significant! It’s basically my window into Japanese film and tv shows without having to stump up the rather expensive DVD cover prices here. As an example, the new Ghost in the Shell film – “Arise” just came out on DVD.. it’s over ¥6000 .. that’s about £40 for a DVD that lasts 1 hour! In contrast renting a not-newly-released DVD that’s been out maybe 6-8 months is ¥100 for a week, or about 70p (£0.70 GBP).. mmm.

After reading some news on Japan Today about new UK visa rules I realise that I want to take this visa seriously and do my best to learn Japanese properly. I’ve been ‘trying’ for a long while, well maybe ‘learning’ would be a better way to put it, but I think as with any foreign language, you have to a) live with it to really drill it into your brain and b) realise you’re never finished learning.

Actually b) is about my philosophy about everything, there’s a big world out there and too many things for one person to know. You take a gamble with your choices but you have to make them or you’re going nowhere (Yes Flash I’m looking at you, semi-glad I never bothered with ActionScript and stuck to JavaScript – who’s laughing now?!).

I want to record some of the things that I want to keep around for myself, like what (Japanese language) films/anime I’m watching, manga/books I’m reading and hurdles and observations of life in Japan. There’s probably not much new stuff, it’s just so I know that at some point in the future I can have some solid memories if the real ones fail.

So with that, welcome to a new category for the blog – Japan.

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